Im Internet gibt es Seiten, die die Amerikanischen Slangwörter erklären. Überraschenderweise gibt es hier Parallelen, zum teil in anderer Schreibweise (Amis halt) zum Leben auf dem Dorf, hier in Baden. Einige 100% ungefakten Beispiele

1. A Ben
a poser. a complete and utter poser.stupid kid, copies cool people.

"Cool kid walks in wearing a AFI shirt. The next day A Ben walks in wearing the same thing, talking about how cool they are"

Someone who goes into high school and then hangs out with all the dorky and lame people.

"Jul H. is being a Jul again"

3. Klinck
A Fat Motherfucker That needs to lose weight
Fucking Fat boy

a) Pure playa
b) sells ho's like monopoly property
c) always has a hard d1ck
d) represents to the fullest
"hey yo did you see covich represent on that ho last night"

5.Wittman Wonder
Time in a man's life when he realizes his complete absence of his testicles, and becomes aware of his large, flapping vagina lips, resulting in asking another male for a finger-blast.

"When Collin grows up, then he will ask for a Wittman Wonder, don't worry little Michael, your first gay experience will come in due time!"

Coolest guy ever, a sexy beast, super strong with abs of steel

Gaybee is the noun form of calling someone gay.
It was developed just because a gay way of saying gay was needed.

"You're such a gaybee you gaybee."

8. Mayer Hater
The average person with common sense!

A cute/sexy lady that you don't really know, but would like to get to know.

"I'm gonna holla at that shorty over there."

Exclamation used when approached by a malodorous German vagrant.

"Oh scheissehosen, er riecht!"

Ugly counter strike nerd, spends life playing cs without friends.
Looks like he has a pizza for his face

the greatest guy in the world


A leader with great power, a black wannabe.

"its Ziga"
"holla @ ziga"

a stupid fat kid who thinks he has friends but doesn't and sucks on his only "friends" dick so that he is is friend

"paul elgert of concordia high school in edmonton alberta, come feel free to kick his faggot fat ass"

children of demons. They should all die.

"Ain't it funny how gayz are usually fagity cult leaders."

A rocker who listens to Christina Aguilera, Eurovision Songs, and bubblegum pop, and also says that Evanescence are goth.

"Seen in maltese gaybars wearing cheap clothes.
Looks like Claudette Pace."

16. Baz
An overweight, alcoholic, unemployed chav or townie, most commonly encountered trying to start a fight in his local pub or getting sunburnt during a cheap holiday to Magaluf.

"Baz (after 15 pints):'ere, you just spilled me bird. an' stop lookin' at me pint!"

Dick in the ass

1. when someone walks, like they actually have a dick in their ass.

2. It virtually replaces the phrase " are you for real"

3. It can replace the words "awesome" , "anal sex", " Playa or Friend ", and even the term " awwwww diip or awww snap "

4. That's dick....because the D does in turn stands for dick

5. Greeting/Salutation

1. A group of people who play instruments/music

2. A sure way to be "cool"

3. Picking up a guitar because everyone else is, and making your friends, who also can't play their instruments, bang on drums and play the C chord on the guitar over and over again.

"Boy 1: I'm in a band
Boy 2: Dude, SO AM I!!!11!!oneone
Boy 1: We are too kewl for school! Lets go have monkey sex in my parents bed!!"

an exclamation of immense happiness or one may scream it at a time of great stupidity

"Badenwurdenburgen Wurt wurt"
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